Welcome to Peninsula Lamination!

Peninsula specializes in laminating almost any document including art prints, photos, maps, posters, diplomas, certificates, cards, lithographs, etc. It is an ideal process to both preserve and artistically display almost any image.

The lamination process takes two to three days and is done locally in Rehoboth Beach at Peninsula Lamination shop. The process adheres the document to a high-quality MDF backing and covers it with a nonglare, UV protective coating. The result is a document protected from wrinkles, tears and fading so it can be displayed without fear of damage.

As with conventional framing, matting and colors can be selected to best show the work but, the process is less expensive and more durable.

Visit Bill and Darryl at the Peninsula Lamination Studio in Rehoboth Beach (see Contact Us for directions) where a number of laminated images are on display.